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Exam Prep E-Book (Manager certification course)

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Exam Prep CFPM‏ (CERTIFIED FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER) E-Book cliff notes style textbook. A Certified Food Safety Manager plays a major role in keeping food safe. He/she has to protect the public from foodborne illness.

My Food Service License offers this program to validate the knowledge of a food safety manager. These self-practice test questions reference the concepts and principles currently valid in the exam. Each question comes with an answer and a short explanation which aids you in seeking further study information. For purpose of exam readiness drilling, this product includes questions that have varying numbers of choices. Some have 2 while some have 5 or 6. We want to make sure these questions are tough enough to really test your readiness and draw your focus to the weak areas. Think of these as challenges presented to you so as to assess your comprehension of the subject matter.

The goal is to reinforce learning, validate the successful transference of knowledge, and identify areas of weakness that require remediation. The questions are NOT designed to “simulate” actual exam questions. “realistic” or actual questions that are for cheating purposes.

Includes 1 Practice Test

This comprehensive, no-fluff study guide contains WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to prepare for the exam.
In addition to a comprehensive and targeted review, this study guide includes a practice exam. It also provides a detailed explanation of answers to help you understand why an answer is incorrect.

Key topics covered include:


  • Foodborne Illnesses and Major Risk Factors
  • Foodborne Illness Prevention
  • Food Safety Manager/Person In Charge
  • Major Food Allergens
  • TCS Foods
  • Food Contamination: Biological, Chemical, and Physical
  • Food Contamination and Cross-Contamination Prevention
  • Proper Temperature Monitoring and Control
  • Proper Ways to Thaw, Cool, and Reheat Food
  • Hot/Cold Food Holding Requirements
  • Food Preparation and Cooking Requirements
  • Buffet/Self-Service Requirements
  • Purchasing/Receiving Food
  • Proper Food Storage and Cold Storage
  • Personal Hygiene and Hand Washing
  • Methods for Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment and Utensils
  • Manual Ware Washing
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Facility, Lighting, and Plumbing Requirements
  • Health Policies and Practices

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