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Food Protection Manager

Take the online self-paced version of the course or the 1-day in person classroom course.  We make it easy for you! 

Food Protection Manager (Online Course)

Anytime food is produced or served there must always be at leaset one person present at all times that holds the Certified Food Protection Manager license.  

Students will earn their nationally accredited 5-year certification upon passing the exam with a score of 75% or higher. 

The program uses the latest FDA Food Code, food safety research and years of food sanitation training experience. Managers learn to implement essential food safety practices and create a culture of food safety. 

The My Food Service License  Certified Food Protection Manager course is self-paced and allows students the ability to start and stop throughout the course.  Hours of video, text and interactive quizzes and puzzles allow students to learn through various learning styles.  Course can be taken using a computer, smarpthone or tablet.  

At the end of the course students will choose to either taken the final exam online with an online proctor, or at 1 of over 1500 testing centers. 

Available in all 50 states

English or Spanish available.


Food Protection Manager (1day In-Person Course)

Prefer to take the course in a live classroom?  

Our instructor-led, 1-day course is for you.  This single-day course takes you through the various elements of being a food safety manager.  At the end of the course students will take the certification exam in class. 

Any time food is produced or served there must always be at least one person present that holds the Certified Food Protection Manager license.  

Students will earn their nationally-accredited, 5-year certification upon passing the exam with a score of 75% or higher. 

This 1-day course includes 8 hours of training, a proctored exam and study materials. 

This course is currently only available in our Chicago training centers. 


Due to Covid19, all in-person classes have been temporarily suspended. 

Food Handlers (Online Course)

A food handler is defined by law as a person who works in a food facility and performs any duties that involve the preparation, storage or service of food in a food facility. 

Who is required to have a Food Handlers Certification? All staff unless they hold a valid CFPM certification. 

If someone working in a facility is not a food handler on a regular basis, but fills in as a food handler when needed, they must have food handler training.

The exam is given at the end of the course and is not proctored. Course fee includes; course, exam and state specific food handlers card.

This short self-paced course can to be taken on all computers, tablets and smartphones.
Upon successful completion of your course and test, you will print your Food Handler Card.

Course is available in English and Spanish

As low as $9.95


Alcohol, Allergy and Sexual Harrassment

Basset Alcohol (Online Course)

Approved by the State Liquor Control Commission, this interactive, online course provides the necessary tools and skills to be responsible for the safe and legal service of alcoholic beverages. 

Specifically, you will learn how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability, how alcohol affects your customers, and more. 


Allergy Awareness (Online Course)

This online course provides allergen awareness for your entire staff.

In this course, you will learn current information on what causes an allergic reaction, the main food allergens, how to communicate with customers who have food allergies, and how to assure customers’ allergen needs are communicated with staff. 


Sexual Harassment (Online Course)

The Sexual Harassment Training teaches required sexual harassment laws, the legal definitions of harassment, how to recognize and report sexual harassment, and how to manage sexual harassment issues.  Students confirm their understanding of inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment through numerous interactive activities.